CCTV arrested in daylight killing in Delhi, police have arrested the suspect


CCTV footage showed two masked men shooting a middle-aged man in the middle of a nearby market. The incident happened last week.

Delhi Police (Delhi Police) has arrested a suspect in the murder of 45-year-old real estate agent Royce Ansari. Rice was shot dead in a crowded market in Zafarabad, Delhi. At the time of Wednesday’s incident, Rice was standing at the bar of her home in Zafarabad, North Delhi, when two men walked towards them with pistols and fired. This incident CCTV (CCTV footage)



Surveillance footage showed that some boys were skating at the time of the murder and that the murder was carried out there. The incident shows that the killers already knew Rais. The video shows an assailant trying to shoot Ansari in the head, but he intervened and tried to flee. However, the killers chased him and shot him. Ansari was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead.

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The killers included 19-year-old Mohammad Omar, a resident of Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi police said. During questioning, he said Rice Ansari was arrested in 2010 in a murder case, but was acquitted after witnesses withdrew. In retaliation, a man named Faizan threw the plot along with his colleagues.


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