Caste census may become an issue in assembly elections, Nitish will meet PM Modi today


Caste census may become a big issue in the assembly elections to be held next year. BJP’s ally JDU has opened a front on this issue. Along with this, regional parties of different states are also raising their voice. Due to the issue of caste census being linked with the OBCs, it can have a significant impact. Especially in Uttar Pradesh where OBC politics has been playing a big role in elections.

The most vocal on the issue of caste census at this time is JDU leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He is also coming to Bihar to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with a joint delegation of various parties. Recently, during the discussion on a Constitution Amendment Bill related to OBCs in Parliament, various parties had demanded a caste census. In these, the Samajwadi Party had openly raised this issue.

The BJP is also feeling the political heat of this issue and it is neither able to deny nor accept it. However, the party has also included itself in the delegation led by Nitish Kumar from Bihar, so that the message is not sent that the BJP is against it.


The central leadership of the BJP has not yet given any direct statement on this. According to sources, the BJP leadership is waiting for the views of all parties on the issue. After that he will open his cards. BJP is gathering opinion about this from within itself. Most of the party leaders belonging to the OBC category believe that the issue of caste census cannot be avoided. The census work to be held in 2021 has been stalled due to Corona. But the government can take a decision on this when the census work starts.

Since this issue is gaining momentum now, various political parties will continue to raise this issue. If it catches fire in the elections, then the BJP will also have to make its role clear. In such a situation, she does not seem to be in a position to protest at least, but she will also have to clear her stand to take political advantage of it.


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