Can’t describe the pain of losing a mother.. In 26 years old case, the commission imposed a fine of 20 lakhs on the hospital


The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on a hospital and doctor in Maharashtra, accepting the allegation of medical negligence. In the incident, a woman died while giving birth to a child. The commission expressed its condolences to the family members of the woman. The commission also remarked that the pain of losing a mother can never be described. This is a wound that can never be filled.

The case is from 26 years ago. While hearing the matter, NCDRC chairman RK Agarwal and member SM Kantikar gave the verdict. Said, “The pain of losing a mother is permanent and inexplicable, a wound that can never be healed.” Taking the allegation of negligence on the hospital and the doctor right, the commission said that we can understand how difficult it must have been for that child to celebrate Mother’s Day without a mother.

In fact, in February 2015, the Maharashtra Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission had ruled the hospital and the doctor to pay a fine of Rs 16 lakh to the family. Against which an application was made to the NCDRC on behalf of the hospital. Delivering its verdict, the NCDRC said that since the case is from 26 years ago, the penalty for it is less than 16 lakhs.

In its order, the bench said, both the hospital and the doctors responsible for the incident will pay a fine of Rs 20 lakh to the family. Apart from this, the hospital will give one lakh rupees to the family as compensation for the expenses incurred during the application and other procedures.


what was the matter

The incident is of 20 September 1995. The woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 9.30 am during treatment in the hospital. But the bleeding from the lower part of the woman (vagina) did not stop. Even after several attempts, when the doctors were not able to stop the bleeding, the woman was brought to another hospital around 2.30 pm at the behest of the hospital. Where the woman died at 4.30 pm.

According to the complainant, the hospital and doctors wasted five hours in shifting the patient to another hospital. Because of which the woman died. The doctor gave his reasoning to the commission. He had specifically advised the couple to go to a hospital where blood bank facilities are available, but expressed their discomfort. He further claimed that the patient’s husband failed to arrange blood on time. But the commission rejected the argument of the hospital and the doctors.


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