Call of lockdown in Bihar! After the closure of the school college, now the scope of sanctions is gradually increasing


Can Bihar lockdown once again? In fact, in the second wave of Corona in the state, the number of patients is increasing and the situation is being anticipated. Due to the Corona Second Wave, after the government ordered the closure of the first school-college educational institution in the state, now the scope of the restrictions has been gradually increased.

According to the new order, all shops and establishments in Bihar will open only till seven in the evening. The ban will not be on restaurants, dhabas and restaurants and hotels, but they will all be operated with conditions set for the Corona Rescue. The use of masks will be mandatory for all in all shops and establishments. The arrangement of sanitizer will be mandatory for personnel and visitors at the counter. Compliance with social distancing will be necessary in the premises of the shop and establishment.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar held a high-level meeting regarding Corona on Friday. After this, the above decisions were taken in the meeting of the disaster management group on the instructions of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister said in the press conference in the evening that the night curfew has not been decided yet. Given the situation of Corona for three to four days, we will take a decision on this further. In the presence of the Chief Minister, Principal Secretary, Disaster Management Department, Pratyam Amrit said that all hotels, restaurants and dhabas will use 25 percent of their capacity to accommodate people. There will be no restriction on the operation of home delivery and take away. All cinema halls will use 50 percent of the seating capacity. Use of masks and corona rescue practices will be mandatory in all parks and gardens. All religious places will remain closed for the common people. In government offices, deputy secretaries, their counterparts and senior officers will come 100 percent from them. Their subordinate staff and officials will be present in turn 33 percent.

Terms not applicable to essential services

Essential services such as police, health, disaster management, fire brigade, telecommunications, post, bank etc. will not be applicable to them. Permission will be granted to open private offices and professional and non-professional 33 percent personnel of the institute. But this restriction will not be applicable to industrial establishments. They will work as before. The use of 50 percent of the prescribed seating capacity in public transport will be allowed. On Friday, some important decisions have been taken.

Only 200 people will stay in the wedding ceremony

There will be a ban on any type of government or private event in public places. There will be a limit of 50 for the last version and 200 for Shraddha and Vivah.

There is no shortage of corona vaccine

On the question of journalists, Principal Secretary of the Health Department, Supriya Amrit said that there is no shortage of corona vaccine in the state. Today, nine lakh vaccines have come, which are being sent to all districts. He said that out of all the corona investigations being conducted in the state, 68 percent of the RTPCR is being done.

Talk to the governor on an all-party meeting


The Chief Minister said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in Thursday’s meeting to take initiative for awareness at the Governor’s level as well. Today I have spoken to Governor Fagu Chauhan in this light. All-party meeting will be called within eight-ten days. The governor has given his consent. Apart from Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad and Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, all the officials were present in the press conference.

State schools, colleges and coaching institutes will remain closed till April 18

All schools, colleges and coaching institutes in the state will remain closed till April 18. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said in the press conference that this decision has been taken to protect the child and the girl child. He said that schools, colleges and coaching institutes were closed in the past till April 11 in view of the increasing infection of Corona. But the corona virus infection continues to grow. In view of this, its duration has been extended further.

Pre-determined examinations will be conducted

Although pre-scheduled examinations will be conducted during this period, compliance of the Corona Prevention Protocol will be compulsory for everyone in these examinations as well. Be aware that this system was already in force

Checking of passengers coming by train at the station itself

Those coming to Bihar by trains will be examined at railway stations only. The Chief Minister said that Corona cases are very serious in many states. If the people of Bihar return from there, then their corona investigation has been arranged at the railway stations itself. Those who are found to be infected during the investigation will be sent to the hospital or isolation center for treatment, given their condition. An investigation has also been arranged at the airport.

Quarantine center will be built in subdivisions

The Chief Minister said that this time quarantine centers will be set up at the subdivision level. Those coming from outside, whose investigation report will be negative, if they wish, there will be a system to keep it there. Those who do not want to stay there will be advised to go home and follow Corona Rescue properly. It also said that quarantine centers were built at the block level last year, where arrangements were made to hold 1.5 million people, but now a lot of experience has been experienced. Accordingly, the essential things are being done.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that – I have not thought about the night curfew. It will be decided by looking at the situation in three-four days. Our effort is to have as many screenings and vaccinations as possible. Quarantine centers will be built at the subdivision level. People should be alert. Get out of the house only if necessary. Must wear a mask. Also follow the COVID protocol seriously. The government is closely monitoring every situation. One thing is being reviewed daily to ensure that people do not have any kind of trouble. Both corona screening and vaccination are being extended. From April 11 to 14, four lakh will be done every day by running vaccination campaign.



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