Cabinet expansion, responsibility to top leaders… this is BJP’s plan to win UP


In view of the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP has intensified its election mission. In the meeting between the party’s central and state top leadership held in Delhi on Thursday night, many important decisions have been taken regarding the election preparations. There is also a possibility that the vacant ministerial posts in the Yogi government can be filled soon. Meanwhile, party president JP Nadda is also going to visit Uttar Pradesh on 23 August.

Regarding the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, the BJP leadership has started implementing from booth management to state level management. An important meeting of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, State President Swatantra Dev Singh, General Secretary Organization Sunil Bansal has been held in Delhi with party President Nadda, Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Union General Secretary BL Santosh was also involved in this. According to sources, in the meeting, which lasted for about three and a half hours, there has been brainstorming about the election preparations at various levels ranging from the government, organisation, political environment.


The party is formulating its comprehensive strategy for each assembly constituency and each region will have an in-charge. This responsibility will be given to the MP or any senior leader of the party. Prominent leaders to be engaged in the election management of the party from other states will also be involved in this work. Along with every assembly, one leader will be posted on four to five assemblies. Which will work in coordination with the monitoring of the election management of these assemblies. The party has also decided to make every booth and above power centers fully active in the state. Nadda will re-activate the Shakti Kendra and booth management there during his visit to Uttar Pradesh.

BJP will also run a special campaign in the month of September, in which the party will also add new members. According to sources, a plan to create about two crore new members is being considered. According to sources, new appointments can be made soon on the vacant ministerial posts in the Uttar Pradesh Council of Ministers. However, there have been two views on this issue. The first is that the appointments should be made this month without delay. However, some leaders also say that now the time is very short. Therefore, full focus should be placed on election management.


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