By-elections being held in 14 states of the country have become important, results will indicate for the assembly elections of 5 states


Before the assembly elections of five states to be held next year, this month, three by-elections to the Lok Sabha and 30 assemblies in 14 states of the country will be very important. Between the second wave of Corona and the farmers’ movement, these by-elections can gauge the pulse of the country’s future politics. Especially for the ruling parties at the Center and the states, the results of the by-elections will matter a lot.

By-elections are to be held for three Lok Sabha seats, one is Khandwa seat in Madhya Pradesh which fell vacant after the death of BJP MP Nandkumar Chauhan, while the other seat is from Himachal’s Mandi which is vacant due to the death of Congress leader Virbhadra Singh. Apart from this, one seat is from Dadra Nagar Haveli of late Mohan Delkar.

Apart from these, by-elections are also to be held for 30 assembly seats in 14 states. These include one in Andhra Pradesh, five in Assam, three in Madhya Pradesh, two in Bihar, one in Haryana, three in Himachal Pradesh, two in Karnataka, one in Maharashtra, three in Meghalaya, one in Mizoram, one in Nagaland, two in Rajasthan. , one in Telangana and four assembly seats in West Bengal.

BJP serious about by-election


The BJP leadership is taking these by-elections very seriously, as it can bring out both public displeasure and choice at various places. Especially before the coming big elections, the party will also be able to test the anti-incumbency environment through them. It is worth noting that in the states where assembly by-elections are to be held, the BJP is currently in power in Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal and Karnataka. It is worth noting that the states where the leadership has changed recently under the BJP leadership is being considered important in view of the future strategy of the party. Through this the party has tried to end its anti-incumbency atmosphere.

try to convince the change

In fact, after the increased problems of the people during the Corona period, there was some resentment about the government and the ministers. Now after these big changes, BJP is giving confidence to the people with new faces. A prominent leader of the party said that usually by-elections are held on local and contemporary issues, but through them the pulse of the people is also understood. Because the assembly elections of five states are to be held in February next year, then the BJP will also decide its strategy regarding the results of these elections, although there is no by-election to be held in the states where elections are to be held, but broadly an atmosphere would be known. Is.


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