Brokerage in Rafale deal? French Journal named Susheen Gupta in its third report


A French online magazine on brokerage in the Rafale deal said on Thursday that it had certain documents to show that the jet maker Dassault and its subsidiary Thales had paid Sushen Gupta several million euros as secret commission. have paid. In its third and final report on the Rafale deal, the magazine claimed that the money was routed to Gupta through offshore accounts and shell companies, using invoices for software consultancy.


Gupta’s name is in the AgustaWestland Chargesheet. In this regard, Dassault and Thales did not respond to a question asked by Hindustan Times about the media report. At the same time, the Enforcement Directorate has also not commented on the claim of the French magazine. The first French magazine report on Sunday claimed that Dassault Aviation brokered one million euro (about 9 crore rupees) for Rafael to an Indian intermediary in the deal.

Congress has demanded independent investigation

Explain that after the report of French magazine, the Congress demanded an independent investigation into the matter, on the other hand, BJP leader and Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad called the report as factless. The report, published on Thursday, claimed that Sushne Gupta obtained confidential documents of the deal from people in India who belonged to the negotiating team for the deal. The report said that the Enforcement Directorate has written in its charge sheet against Sushen that Gupta had received direct sensitive data, which should have been with the Ministry of Defense alone.

Worked hard to remove anti corruption

The French website claimed that Dassault and the European missile maker MBDA had worked hard to remove the anti-corruption clause from the Rafale fighter contract, which was also later signed by the then French Minister of Defense, now Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian. did. The website said that François Hollande, who was the President of France between May 2012 and May 2017, said that he was not aware of these aspects of the negotiations at the time, so he did not approve the Anti Corruption Clause. The website said in its report that it had contacted MBDA but did not comment.




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