Brakes on Corona in Delhi, now active cases come to 16,000, infection rate also below 2%


The second wave of Corona in Delhi has now come to an end and the phase of reduction in new cases is also going on continuously. In Delhi, where the number of infected people has come down to less than 1100 today, the infection rate has also come down to less than 2 percent.

According to the Health Bulletin released by the Health Department on Thursday, where 1072 new corona patients have been found in the last 24 hours, 117 patients have lost their lives, which is the lowest number of dead since April 15. Now the infection rate has come down to 1.53 percent, which was 1.93 on Wednesday.

According to the bulletin, today 3,725 patients recovered completely and became corona-free, compared to 3,952 on Wednesday. The health department said that the total number of infected in Delhi has so far increased to 14,22,549 and 8,247 patients are in home isolation. In the capital, now active cases of corona virus infection have come down to 16,378. With this, a total of 13,82,359 patients have been cured by beating the epidemic so far. At the same time, the figure of total dead has reached 23,812.

According to the Delhi Health Department, a total of 70,068 tests have been conducted in Delhi in the last 24 hours. These included 49,348 RTPR / CBNAAT / TRUNAT tests and 20,720 rapid antigen tests. A total of 19,009,274 tests have been conducted in Delhi so far and 10,00,488 tests have been done per 10 lakh people.

Statistics of past 10 infected

26 May 2021: 1,491 new positive cases
25 May 2021: 1,568 new positive cases
24 May 2021: 1,550 new positive cases
23 May 2021: 1,649 new positive cases
22 May 2021: 2,260 new positive cases
21 May 2021: 3,009 new positive cases
20 May 2021: 3,231 new positive cases
19 May 2021: 3,846 new positive cases
18 May 2021: 4,482 new positive cases
17 May 2021: 4,524 new positive cases



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