Brahmin and Baniya in both my pockets…


In Madhya Pradesh, a new controversy has arisen over the statement of BJP state in-charge P Muralidhar Rao about Brahmins and Banias. Now he has given clarification in the matter. He said that earlier BJP was called party of Brahmins then it was called party of Banias but BJP is party of all.

On Monday, a new controversy has arisen over the statement of P Muralidhar Rao, the BJP state in-charge of Madhya Pradesh. First Muralidhar said that Brahmin and Bania are both my pockets. Former CM Kamal Nath retaliated on his statement. He strongly condemned Muralidhar Rao’s statement and demanded an apology.

Kamal Nath tweeted, “What is this respect for those classes whose leaders have played their part in building the BJP? The leaders of BJP have become crushed in the intoxication and arrogance of power. This is an insult to the entire Baniya and Brahmin class. The BJP leadership should immediately apologize to these sections for this.

However, after the controversy over the statement, P Muralidhar Rao clarified in the evening. He said, when our party is a party of all classes of Brahmins and Banias. For us there is no difference between a Baniya and a Brahmin. BJP is taking everyone along.




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