Booster dose of corona vaccine will be implemented in India too? Reply to AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria


Preparations are going on in different countries regarding the booster dose of corona virus. Approval has also been received for this in Israel and America. Meanwhile, on the question regarding booster dose in India, the AIIMS director said that there is not enough data. Dr Randeep Guleria said that more information will be available in this regard in India by the beginning of next year.

Many questions still to be answered

Dr Guleria said that even in respect of older people and those at high risk, there is no data to decide whether a booster dose is needed or not. Guleria told NDTV that data would be needed to know the level of protection being provided by the vaccine. Just getting the information. Maybe by the beginning of next year we will be able to tell what kind of booster dose we need here. Along with this, it will also be able to find out how many people should be given a booster dose. He further said that many questions related to this are yet to be answered. For example, will a booster dose be applied from the available vaccines? Will the two vaccines be mixed for a booster dose? Will a new vaccine be made for the booster dose or will the same vaccine be used? Only after getting answers to these questions can a strategy be made in this regard.


People who have got vaccination are safe from corona

Dr Guleria stressed that the people who have got the vaccine in the country and the world are completely safe from this epidemic. Now even if they become a victim of infection, then there will be no need to get them admitted to the hospital. In medical terms, a booster dose is the dose that is administered to someone after the primary vaccination has been completed. If there is a provision for two doses of corona vaccine anywhere, then the third dose will be called booster dose. Where there is a provision for three doses of the vaccine, the fourth dose will be called a booster dose. Note that the booster dose is applied only when it is needed. Significantly, corona vaccination was started in India in January. In the early stages, Coveshield and Covaccine were applied.


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