Bombay High Court verdict restrained


Skin-to-skin contact: The Supreme Court on Wednesday sought detailed information from the Bombay High Court (Bombay HC) on its decision to block skin-to-skin contact.

Through the Bombay High Court Skin to skin (Skin to skin contact) With the verdict Supreme Court Wednesday resistance High Court Detailed information requested. In the case of Pokso’s acquittal from the Bombay High Court, the CJI had told the Supreme Court that detailed information would be sought from the high court. Explain that the Attorney General took the matter to court. In this judgment, the accused was acquitted by the High Court under Pokso for not having direct physical contact with the child on this ground alone. The attorney general called it dangerous. The Supreme Court then stayed the acquittal of the accused while banning it.

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The Bombay High Court recently ruled that touching a minor’s breast without ‘skin-to-skin’ contact would not fall into the category of sexual abuse under the Pokso (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses) Act.

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The Bombay High Court has ordered in this regard

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Judge Pushpa Ganediwala of the Nagpur Bench of the High Court, in his January 19 order, said that in order to classify any incident of sexual harassment as sexual harassment, “skin-to-skin contact should be made for sexual purposes”. He said that arresting a minor, i.e. a group, would not come under the category of sexual abuse. I tell you, a 39-year-old man sentenced a 12-year-old girl to three years in prison by a Sessions Court for sexual assault, which was amended by Ganidiwala.


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