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Horror movies have a long history in Bollywood and it is far ahead in terms of likes and downloads, especially among viewers. Although not everyone downloads Bollywood horror movies, there are different audiences for those who watch this genre.

Whether it is a child or an adult, if it is a matter of watching Bollywood horror movies, then even today good people break a sweat. That’s why not everyone likes to watch horror movies. Speaking of Bhutia films, Bollywood always brings horror movies in this category.

Incidentally, many new and old Bhutia pictures have been made in Bollywood. But when we talk about the list of top Bollywood horror movies, we have to make a great cocktail of old Bollywood horror movies as well as recent Bollywood horror movies.

Some of these movies are very old and their graphics quality including audio video is not as good as today’s latest horror movies. Still, watching these movies alone can be a daunting task. If you want, you can try visiting them alone.

Bollywood Horror Movie Download List 2022

When we talk about watching Bhutia movies alone, an unknown fear takes root in our minds. What I’m going to tell you here is a list of the best horror movies, watching them in person is still as scary as ever. But the condition is if you have never seen these movies before.

10. Bee Year (1962)

Let’s start in 1962 first Bollywood horror movieExclude bee sal“From. This horror movie was the highest grossing movie of the year. A song from this movie still reminds me of this movie.

In which a mysterious woman is walking around a secluded place with a lamp in her hand, singing another song.Somewhere the lamp is burning, somewhere the heart, This song has made this movie even more terrifying.

You Download the full movie except Bee Year As well as on YouTube Free movies online I can.

Bee Sal Bad (1962)

09. Expensive 1949

The 1949 film Mahal is known as the first horror film in Bollywood. Or the movie works with the theme of rebirth. The film is quite old and the special effects are not as amazing as today’s movies. The story, dialogue and scary scenes of the film will move you. If you want you can enjoy this movie tonight in solitude.

Expensive 1949

08. Night (1992)

The Bollywood horror movie was released in 1992 as a directorRaaTThe first picture of Ram Gopal Verma. This movie is one of the best horror movies of all time in Bollywood. The plot of the movie is as usual – when a family moves into a house, strange things start to happen and they soon discover that strange things are happening in the house.

The film was shot on a very low budget, but it was completely different from the B-grade horror movies of the 90’s. The story of the film is very interesting and this is where people feel connected. There is no doubt that Ram Gopal Varmai was the only director of that time who dared to direct horror films with some great scripts in his hands. If you like Bhutia movies, you can’t miss it

7. Ghost Story (2013)

The story of the whole movie “Horror Story” is that some friends decide to spend the whole night in a haunted hotel. At first they think it’s a myth and nothing more, but they soon realize they’ve made a mistake by entering the hotel.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Despite not having such a good rating on IMDB, this movie is one of my favorite Bollywood horror movies. The acting of the actors is good or bad.

The story of the Horror Story movie is taken directly from the English movie ‘Grave Encounter’. I recommend this movie to those who like to watch horror movies. If you like Bhutia movie then you must watch this movie.

Ghost Story 2013

6. Raj (2002)

The story of Raj Cinema is about a couple who are not doing well in their married life. However, the couple tries to give the relationship another chance and plans to move to Ooty where the woman is possessed by an evil spirit. This movie is a remake of “What Lies Without” and it is a very good remake.

Vikram Bhatt has directed the film deeply and with a very good cast. In Raj movie, sometimes there is a lot of fear and sometimes it increases the heart rate. This movie is a wonderful creation and it is one of the best horror movies in Bollywood.


The dialogue, plot and presentation of this movie makes it even more terrifying. When you feel relaxed during the film, this movie works to scare you even more. You must watch this movie once. You can download full Raaz movie or watch this movie on YouTube.

5. 1920 (2008)

Bollywood horror movie was released in 2008 1920 The highest grossing horror movie of all time. Ya Movie was the first film of Rajneesh Duggal and Ginger Sharma and they gave their best in this film. The story is about a husband who fights to save his wife from evil spirits.

The idea for the 1920s was taken from the classic film “The Exorcist”. It was Vikram Bhatt’s dream project and he worked really hard for this film. Ginger Sharma has acted like a woman. From her expression to her makeup, everything is impressive. 1920 is an example of an honest Bollywood horror film which was presented to the audience without any publicity.

4. Ghosts (2003)

Ram Gopal Varma is known as one of the best horror film directors in Bollywood. Ghost was his second Bollywood horror film. The story of the ghost movie is based on a married couple who move into an apartment where the wife soon begins to experience several strange events.

Now the husband embarks on a journey to find the truth of the house and save his wife. The background music of this film was the strongest reason for the success of the film. It really scared the audience. It was the first Bollywood movie to have no songs. It’s one of the biggest horror movies of all time.

3. Equal (2018)

If you love to watch horror movies with completely different stories, then you must love this movie. The fairy is the story of a woman that is not human. Who he is and what he wants is just part of the picture.

The fairy film is directed by Prasit Roy and obviously, it has created a suitable environment for a horror film. It is not like a typical horror film, where a person is haunted by a ghost and then struggles to get rid of it.

This movie will give you a buzz bump. When you see this movie, you will think it is a Hollywood horror movie. It has a historical promise that reveals the opposite side of the story. Must watch this movie.

2. Bhula Bhulaiya (2007)

The story of Bhul Bhulaiya movie is about an NRI and his wife who move to live in their ancestral home. Where all sorts of strange things happen. A psychiatrist is called in to check the mental health of the NRI’s wife. The entire movie is a remake of the Malaysian horror film Manichitrathur. The film is open to all types of viewers because this horror film has everything to offer.

The final blend of horror, comedy and excitement captivated the audience and the film gained popularity. Priyadarshan usually directed comic films, which was the first horror film of his career. This is a completely funny movie.

The performance of all the actors is admirable and especially Akshay Kumar who makes you laugh and Vidya Balan who scares you like Manjulika.

1. 13B: Fear has a new address (2009)

If anyone asks me which is the best horror movie in your opinion, my answer would be 13B. The story of this film is very good and the acting is equally excellent. Once you watch this movie, you also wake up sweating.

Although this movie was not very successful at the box office, the reason behind it is that people prefer to watch less horror movies where children are not at all. The story revolves around a man named Manohar, who is moving with his family to the 13th floor of a new apartment where the women of the family are watching “Sub Khairat Hai” on television.

Manohar is surprised to learn that the TV serial depicts the future of a family where he learns that his family is in danger. So how will he protect his family? Will he be able to save the lives of his family members? Look for the answer to this question and enjoy a fear Horror Movie 13B.

The best horror movie
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Friends will see many more Bollywood horror movie downloads. Which is your favorite horror movie, of course let us know in the comment box.


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