BJP’s national executive meeting today, BJP’s brainstorming on the assembly elections of five states, know the full agenda


In the one-day meeting of the BJP’s National Executive today ie on Sunday, the party will do extensive brainstorming regarding the elections. In this, preparations and strategy for the assembly elections of five states to be held early next year will be discussed. At the same time, the results of the recently concluded by-elections will also be reviewed. There is also a possibility of a separate discussion with the electoral states. The leaders of the states will attend the meeting of the BJP’s national executive to be held after almost two years due to the Corona period. Along with the national leadership, only the leaders of Delhi will be present in the executive meeting being held in Delhi, whose number will be around 124. Political proposal will be presented in the meeting. However, all eyes will be on the concluding session, which will be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The meeting of the party’s national executive, being held after almost two years due to the Corona period, is also important because in the meantime, where the party formed a coalition government in Bihar, it had to face defeat in West Bengal. After this, its performance in the recent by-elections to three Lok Sabha and 30 assembly seats was not very encouraging. While it got a big success in Assam, it also got a big setback in Himachal Pradesh. The situation in Madhya Pradesh was somewhat stable. In such a situation, the party has to finalize its future strategy for the assembly elections of five states to be held after about three months.

Since the meeting of the executive is such a forum in which the party leadership can consult from across the country. Party General Secretary Arun Singh has said that there will be a comprehensive discussion regarding the elections of five states in the meeting. It is clear from this that the party is very serious about the coming elections and in this sense this meeting will be very important even though it is small. The most important of the meeting will be the political resolution. In which various issues will be covered, but the main emphasis is likely to be on electoral activities.


The concluding address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be important, in which he will give future mantras to the party workers in terms of organization and elections. It is worth noting that after being elected as the National President of BJP, JP Nadda also took time to form his executive due to the Corona period, due to which the meeting of the executive committee is also going to be held after almost two years. Due to Corona rules, it is not possible for all the members to attend the meeting together, so the states have been asked to participate through virtual medium. The state and central leadership will communicate through two-way communication.

In the last two years, the BJP has taken many big decisions, which have been important to change the leadership twice in Uttarakhand and change the face of the entire government in Gujarat. In such a situation, along with the review of the organizational and political conditions, indications of the changes to come can also be found in this meeting. For the states which have to go to the first elections of 2024, a rough strategy can be made from this meeting, which will be implemented by the party in the coming days.


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