BJP’s miracle did not show in Bengal, know – 5 reasons why the saffron party fell behind


The TMC is seen putting a hat-trick in the West Bengal elections. Mamata Banerjee’s party so far is on course to form the government with a clear majority with a lead of 192 seats, while the BJP, which has given the slogan ‘Abki Bar, 200 Paar’, seems to be shrinking within 100. Till the time the news is written, BJP is leading in 96 seats in the trends. While Nandigram seat Shubhendu Adhikari is ahead of TMC chief Mamata Banerjee, but many BJP stalwarts like Babul Supriyo, Swapan Dasgupta and Lockett Chatterjee are lagging behind. Lockett Chatterjee was trailing by 5,844 votes after 5 rounds of counting.

Along with these veteran faces, there will definitely be disappointment in the BJP camp over the party’s backwardness. Even though the BJP has performed 30 times better than in 2016, it cannot be said to be satisfactory for the party that hopes to form the government. Let’s know, what are the 5 big reasons for the BJP to fall behind the expectations …


Lack of strong local leader

Although the BJP had fielded a large army of Union Ministers including PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah in Bengal, it is not showing much effect in the results. Political experts believe that this situation has arisen due to no strong face in the state. Actually, it was a matter in the public’s mind that PM Narendra Modi is not going to become the CM of Bengal. No face was announced by the party for the CM in the state. It is believed that the BJP lacks a strong face compared to Mamta.

TMC gains lead due to the elimination of the left

The BJP may have made the contest completely bipartisan, but the same equation is heavy for it. Actually, it is clear from the Left and Congress annihilation that the united vote against BJP has gone to TMC. The TMC has been voted in, especially on behalf of the Muslim community. This equation seems to be overshadowing the BJP. As an example of this, we can see that the Trinamool Congress has made a clean sweep in Malda, which is called the Congress stronghold.

Corona’s second wave causes more havoc on BJP

According to political experts, BJP has suffered the loss of election campaign due to the second wave of Corona. However, these were the areas in the presidency where the last three rounds were contested. Mamta Banerjee’s stronghold has been considered in these areas. The Presidency covers areas such as Howrah, Hooghly, North and South Parganas and Kolkata. In these and in the Malda region, TMC has achieved success by leading.

TMC voters remain united, BJP’s dent in left

It is clear from the trends so far that BJP has achieved success by making a big dent in the Left-Congress votes. The BJP, which won 18 Lok Sabha seats in the 2019 general election, has repeated the same success, but has missed out on winning the assembly elections. It is clear that he has made a dent in the votes of the Left and Congress, but the TMC voter has been associated with him. Not only this, the anti-BJP vote has also got him outright.

Polarization issues did not show any effect

In Bengal, the BJP had a great hope of polarization by making the slogan of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ an election issue, but it has not shown to happen. The BJP’s stay in less than 100 seats in Bengal is clear that it has been helped by the scattered support base of the Left and the Congress, but polarization has not taken place. As a result, TMC has managed to maintain its position.


BJP’s miracle did not show in Bengal, know – 5 reasons why the saffron party fell behind
BJP’s miracle did not show in Bengal, know – 5 reasons why the saffron party fell behind
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