BJP’s demand on ‘Love Jihad’ in Kerala, a law to stop conversion in the name of marriage


The BJP in Kerala on Tuesday urged the Left government to bring a law to stop conversions in the name of marriage. BJP alleges that recruitment is being done for terrorist activities in the name of conversion. Senior leader and party’s state general secretary George Kurien said that the BJP is not against love marriage but is opposing love affairs for the sake of conversion.

He alleged that the girls of the state were converted to terrorism in Afghanistan and Syria under the pretense of love. He alleged that such conversions were not for Islam but for destruction.

Kurien told a press conference, “Love jihad can be rooted out only through a strong law. So the state government should bring a law to stop conversions in the name of marriage so that they can be recruited for terrorist activities. to be prevented.”


The BJP leader claimed that those who say that the word ‘love jihad’ has not been defined should not forget the fact that ‘religion’ is also not defined in the Constitution. He further said that a law similar to what states like Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh had brought in Kerala should be enacted to stop the alleged practice of love jihad. Only then can the distance between religious communities be bridged, otherwise, all discussion in this regard will be superficial.

He said that while all other states are taking a tough stand against the drug mafia, the Kerala government is not taking any effective intervention to check this menace. The BJP leader said that the terrorists were using the money earned through drug trade for anti-national activities.


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