BJP’s confusion on caste census is increasing, BJP leaders have different opinions in Bihar


The BJP’s confusion on the issue of caste census is not taking its name. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the leader of its ally Janata Dal (U) in Bihar, is taking command for its demand, while the BJP seems to be torn apart in the state. The central leadership of the party is also silent on this whole matter and the political gains and losses are being estimated. However, many major parties, including the Congress, have also remained silent on this issue.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is the most vocal on the caste-wise census and because of this, the politics of Bihar has been heated the most. Almost all the parties there are with this issue either wholeheartedly or unintentionally. Some parties including RJD and JD(U) are demanding openly, while BJP has left it to the Modi government. Leaders in BJP are also divided. MP and former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi and current Deputy Chief Minister Tar Kishore Sinha are in support of it, while MLC Sanjay Paswan and Haribhushan Thakur are seen in opposition to it.


In fact, many other parties including Congress have also kept silence on this and they are waiting for the stand of the central government. Trinamool Congress also said that if all the parties agree on this, then it will also support it. However, the possibility of opening a new box is also being expressed from the caste-wise census. In many states, the estimates regarding the number of different castes can be messed up. There is also confusion about Vokkaliga in Karnataka. Right now it is estimated that their number will be 12 to 15 percent, but some people say that it is only eight to ten percent.

According to sources, the BJP leadership is largely not against it, but it is certainly cautious about its future consequences. The political motives behind heating up the issue are also being recognized. After the demand is raised from all the parties, the government can also go ahead in this regard. A decision on the politics of only a few parties is not expected.


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