BJP will enter the electoral arena of five states with ‘Gujarat model’, understand the strategy of the saffron party


In the next year’s assembly elections in five states, the BJP leadership is preparing to field almost half of the new faces. This will help in reducing the anti-incumbency environment. Along with this, new people and new generation will be raised. In this exercise, social equations will be simplified. There will also be a large number of youth and women among them.

Assembly elections are to be held in February-March next year. The party has a maximum time of four months. Election teams have been deployed in every state. Management work has also started. Candidate selection will start after Diwali. According to sources, the party has made it clear that instead of name and stature, it will take a decision keeping in mind the ground conditions. It also includes changing faces. Especially in those states where BJP is in government.

Will also work on resentment

According to sources, the BJP has also started carving out future candidates according to the social and political equations of each region at the organizational level in the states. It is believed that about 50 percent of the faces in every state will be new. Many MLAs will be removed from the election fray and attached to other responsibilities. The party is also making full preparations so that there is no resentment in the event of ticket being cut. The party is also cautious about the way the party is facing rebel voices in Himachal Pradesh in the recent by-elections.

Look at the faces along with the management


BJP has appointed election in-charge and co-in-charge in every state. This time their opinion will also be important in the selection of candidates. According to sources, the team in-charge has been asked to study the political and social equations of each assembly seat as well as make an assessment of the sitting MLA. Apart from this, he will also keep an eye on new faces. Party President JP Nadda has also started touring the states. In a month, he will complete one phase of his tour of each state that is going to polls.

Model has come from Gujarat

In fact, the BJP has gained a lot in the elections held at most levels by changing faces. It is also considered as the Gujarat model. It was first used in local bodies in Gujarat. After this, it has been implemented in the last civic elections in Delhi as well. Now it is being implemented strategically at other levels as well.



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