BJP is restless due to Lakhimpur ruckus, why is it fear of losing land in 2017, understand the whole equation


The ruckus in Lakhimpur Kheri after four farmers were crushed by the car of BJP workers has increased the party’s concerns. In this district of Terai region of UP, BJP had won all 8 seats in the 2017 assembly elections in a clean sweep. This was a big success as compared to 2012, when the party could get only one seat. The district has a majority of the people associated with agriculture and the Sikh community also has a sizeable population. This largest district of Uttar Pradesh has a sizeable population of Brahmins followed by Muslims, Kurmis.

About 80 percent of the population of the district is dependent on sugarcane cultivation. In such a situation, the prices of crops and other issues related to farmers have always been important here. A large number of these farmers also belong to the Sikh community, who settled in this area after the partition. In such a situation, due to this violence, the BJP is afraid of loss in large areas including Lakhimpur Kheri. The impact of this incident can also be seen in Pilibhit, Shahjahanpur, Hardoi, Sitapur and Bahraich adjoining Lakhimpur Kheri. In all these districts, the BJP had performed brilliantly in the 2017 elections. The BJP had won 37 of the 42 assembly seats in these 6 districts.

BJP is afraid, it will be difficult to repeat the success of 2017

This was a big success of the party as the SP, which contested the elections with the Congress, could get only 4 seats. Apart from this, the BSP got one seat and the Congress bag was left vacant. The BJP fears that it might not be able to repeat the success of the last election due to this scandal. The importance of these districts is very high in the 403-seat UP assembly. The parties that have gained here have often been taking the path of power. In 2012, SP had won 25 seats from here and also got power. After this, the same trend was seen in 2017 as well.


Where violence took place, that area has also been a stronghold of BJP.

Not only this, the area where the violence took place on Sunday comes under the Nighasan assembly seat, which has been considered a stronghold of the BJP. The BJP has won this seat thrice since 1993. In 2017, BJP not only won seats from here but also increased the vote percentage. BJP’s vote share in many seats had increased by 7 times in 2017 as compared to 2012. In such a situation, it is a cause of concern for the BJP that this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTerai, which was the reason for the big victory in 2017, should be rectified. At present, the party is taking steps and taking precautions regarding Lakhimpur Kheri.



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