BJP focusing on these 22 castes in Mission 2022, will start the conference to woo


BJP has intensified preparations for Uttar Pradesh elections. On the one hand, the party is trying to crack down on the farmers’ movement, while on the other hand, it is making a strategy to advance in the assembly elections by adopting caste equations. In this episode, BJP has decided to hold a convention of OBC and Scheduled Caste people. In the coming days, the party is going to hold such conferences in every district. Through these she once again wants to attract a large section of the OBC and Dalit community. For this, the BJP has appointed state vice-president Dayashankar Singh as the state president of the OBC front. On the other hand, another vice-president Devendra Singh Chaudhary has been entrusted with the responsibility of the meetings of the SC Morcha.

Party leaders say that such conferences can be started from October 8. Focusing on the total 22 castes of Other Backward Classes and Most Backward Classes, BJP is preparing to move ahead. These include castes like Yadav, Nishad, Chauhan, Rajbhar, whose mobilization has been emphasized by political parties in the last few years. However, since the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has been getting a large vote of the OBC castes. Not only this, especially the votes of Yadavs, who are called voters of SP, have also been shown to BJP in many areas.


Under this strategy, the party will organize some conferences in Lucknow itself, apart from in some areas. Regional conferences of those castes will be held in Lucknow, which are believed to have an impact on the entire state. Apart from this, conferences will be held at the district and mandal level regarding those castes, whose influence is in particular areas. Once again, the BJP’s focus is on its 2017 strategy, in which it focused on non-Yadav OBC and non-Jatav Dalit votes, apart from a large upper caste vote. She was also successful in this strategy and got the votes of these castes on a large scale.



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