BJP accused of conspiring against the country on a website



New Delhi (LokSatya). The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has accused a news website of conspiring against the country. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said at a press conference here on Sunday, “This news website is defaming India. This website gets financial aid from abroad. This website is part of an international conspiracy.”

He said, “You must have read a news related to this website that crores of rupees have come into India suspiciously from abroad, its only purpose is to run the agenda of some foreign powers by calling the Indian government a failure. The fact that has come to light about this news website today, one thing is clear that ‘Toolkit’ is only run by some political parties of India, it is not so. Rather, there is a conspiracy happening outside India as well, which is part of this ‘toolkit’.


Patra said that some people, some organizations and some ‘portals’ have tried to malign our vaccine policy. External forces used to send money to this news website. It comes under the company name ‘PPK’. He accepted foreign direct investment of crores of rupees. In this mainly three people from abroad were involved. Apart from this, he received about 30 crores from different agencies abroad.

He alleged that there are some so-called workers running the portal under the cover of media, with whom there are some foreign powers and leaders of some big political parties of India. They have formed a group. They work with complete harmony, their aim is to spread confusion, anarchy in the country.


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