Billions of rupees from billions of Indians through the Chinese app. Twelve thugs, including two Chinese nationals, were deceived.


The investigation revealed that the viral link came from a website, with the link and the app connected to a Chinese server, while further investigation of the application revealed that they were suspicious.

The Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell has uncovered an international gang of cyber thugs run by Chinese nationals, estimated to have deceived millions of people through various apps. A total of 12 people, including two Chinese nationals, have been arrested so far in the case and more than Rs 1 crore has been seized from various accounts. According to Anayash Roy, DC of the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell, since the last week of December, the police have been receiving constant reports that people are receiving a message from an unknown number on the WhatsApp by sending a link to download an application. It was said that up to Rs 3000 can be earned in just 30 minutes through this app.

According to the data, these messages are coming from ISD numbers and virtual numbers. It had an encrypted URL, considering it suspicious activity, the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell checked it in its malware lab and also checked the app. The investigation found that the link was viral, that it came from a website, that the link and the app were connected to a Chinese server, and that when the app was further investigated, it was found that they were quite suspicious Taken, it can download various applications, just like this application downloaded a QQ browser, these are the same apps that were blocked by the Indian government in June last year. This application was doing such suspicious activity, then the activity of the website and the app was further investigated, then it was found that the user who registered himself through this app was given the job. This means that if you click on the work of that application first, your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube account will open and you have to like the video given in it. It was said that if you like or follow a video through this app, you will get 6 rupees, after following it, you will also have to share a screenshot of it. It also says that if you want to make more money, you have to take a VIP account, but there are 1000 to 50 thousand different subscription offers for this, in which the investigation was pressed on the social media page or account, it was found There is not much information in the media accounts, some accounts were such that they did not know who was running them.



Thus thousands of social media accounts were running this app, which Indian users are following and liking. Then another activity of this application was seen that it has adopted multilevel marketing method to connect more people, it said that if you send this application or link to more people, you will get 3% of its user will be paid up to 50 percent commission. This is how the app started on December 1 last year and millions of people downloaded it after seeing it, people who were paying for the subscription, they found out that this money is going to 40 sales companies. Some of the directors of these companies met Indians, some came from China. The payments of these cell companies were running on different routes.

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Following the investigation, raids were carried out in different parts of Delhi on January 13. Twelve people, including two Chinese women, including 22-year-old Chang Deng Daing and 54-year-old Wu Zhiji, were arrested from Lajpat Nagar area. 25 lakh 42 thousand rupees has been recovered from these two. According to the account of the accused, he has received Rs 6 crore so far. All accounts have been blocked. Police have so far identified about 40,000 victims, but it is estimated that about 100 million people have downloaded the app. The masterminds behind this application and those who are going for money are also Chinese citizens. There are 2 of them, one named Jonathan and the other named Eric. But this is the English name that these people use in India. Both men sat abroad and watched the whole operation. According to the police, the social media accounts of millions of Indians were followed through this app, which they did not know about. In this way, public opinion was created by putting different types of videos which is dangerous. The people who downloaded the app got paid for the app themselves, but in reality they never made that money. This application and its link were used under different names.


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