Bihar Weather Update: Relief from heat in Bihar, now two days of thunderstorms


Temperatures in some districts of Bihar have dropped in the last 24 hours due to thunderstorms. There were clouds in various cities of the state including Patna. People got relief from the heat. Patna’s maximum temperature has come down to six degrees while that of Gaya has come down to two degrees. Purnia recorded the highest 16 mm rainfall in 24 hours. Kadwan recorded 12 mm of rainfall and Bhimnagar with 11 mm of rain.

The Meteorological Department says that due to two-way winds, there is a possibility of thunderstorm water conditions for the next two days. On Friday, a yellow alert of thunderstorms was issued for some districts of South East Bihar. By Saturday afternoon, one or two places in Buxar, Rohtas, Bhabua, Bhojpur, Aurangabad, Jehanwad and Arwal will receive rain with gusts of 30 to 40 km per hour. Thunderstorm conditions may also prevail in the remaining parts of the state. Director of Meteorological Center Patna, Vivek Sinha said that the next two days are not likely to increase the maximum temperature. Yellow alert precaution has been issued.

Thunder clouds are formed in the state due to dry westerly wind and humid east wind. Also, there is a cyclonic circulation over Bihar and adjoining areas of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Due to this, there has been a rapid impact on the weather of the state in the last 24 hours. Drizzle occurred around 4 pm in Patna. The clouds were clouded during the day and the sun’s gaze kept moving between the clouds. The maximum temperature reached around 33 degrees. Earlier on Thursday night, the people of the capital kept getting sweaty due to the humidity.

Mercury will rise after two days, heat wave situation will occur in southern Bihar


However, the Meteorological Department has forecast that after Sunday, the flow of westerlies will increase in some parts of the state. The maximum temperature will rise. Heat wave conditions may also occur in many districts of the state. The weather will be pleasant till Sunday. Humid conditions may occur due to partial cloud cover.

Mercury of major cities
City maximum minimum

Patna 33.6 24.6
Gaya 37.2 22.6
Bhagalpur 36.7 21.4
Purnia 30.4 19.6



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