Bihar Corona Update: Did Bihar move towards lockdown again? Learn what the situation in Corona is


In the second wave of Corona in Bihar, Nitish government has taken several decisions due to the continuous increase in the Kovid-19 case. Is there a situation of lockdown in Bihar once again due to Corona infection in other parts of the country and Corona explosion in the state. Let’s know what the situation is.


In fact, 836 new cases were found in the Corona Wave in Bihar on Saturday. With this, the total number of infected people increased to 2942. Patna has the highest number of 359 infected. On the other hand, once again, the beds of hospitals have started filling up with corona infected patients. Kovid wards of all the major hospitals in the capital have been filled except PMCH-NMCH. According to experts, the corona case may increase further in the next few days. On the other hand, the Health Department has directed all government and private medical college hospitals in the state to be vigilant and keep full preparation in view of the increasing number of corona infected patients. At present, 100- 100 beds have been arranged in the Kovid ward in all the medical college hospitals.

Meanwhile, late Saturday evening, a number of decisions were taken at a high-level review meeting led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The Chief Minister had called a review meeting on Saturday evening at one Anne Marg. The meeting was followed by a meeting of the Disaster Management Group following the instructions of the CM. After the meeting of the disaster management group, Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Singh and DGP SK Singhal issued a joint order on Saturday to stop the spread of corona infection.

In view of the seriousness of the situation regarding the corona in Bihar, orders were issued to ban public events for a few days. Apart from this, all educational institutions have been closed by 12 April. Judging after the case of corona infection, a decision after 12 will be taken forward. However, predetermined examinations will be conducted by the school or college management by following the Corona protocol as per the requirement.

Prohibition of any kind of government or private event in public places

There is a ban on any public or private event in public places in the state. Will be effective by the end of April. However, the program of marriage and Shraddha will not be banned. But the presence of people in it has been limited. Shraddha can have a maximum of 50 people and a maximum of 250 people can attend the wedding ceremony. The Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Singh and DGP SK Singhal issued a joint order in this regard after a meeting of the Disaster Management Group on Saturday to prevent the spread of Corona infection.

Office head will decide office hours

The entry of common people into government offices has also been banned. The office head can decide the office time and the attendance of officers and employees as per his discretion. This system will remain in force till 30 April.

Traveling with half the passengers till 15 April

In any case, more than half the passengers cannot travel in buses and other public transport trains from April 5 to 15. The district administration and the transport department are tasked with ensuring this. Also, the responsibility of ensuring social distance and use of masks in public places has been given to the district administration.

Malls, hotels, restaurants have to strictly follow the rules

Strict adherence to the guidelines issued by the central government will be ensured for prevention of corona infection at shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, religious places, etc. This task is assigned to DM-SP. At the same time, a large number of police forces will be deployed to control the gathering of people at crowded places like Food Court, Refreshment House, Vegetable Market, Bus Stand and Railway Station.


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