Bihar Corona Update: Corona explosion in Bihar, 836 new cases found, number of infected increased to 2942


Corona infection has exploded once again in Bihar. In 24 hours, 836 corona positives have been found in the state, while the total active cases have also increased to 2942. Most corona patients have been found in the capital Patna.


The graph of Corona in Patna is increasing rapidly again. About 116 days later, the highest number of 359 infected have been found in Patna. Earlier on November 9, more than 432 corona were found infected. Whereas at that time, for three consecutive days, the number of infected people had crossed 300. On November 8, the figure was 306 while on November 10 it was 304. The number of infected never reached beyond 350 after that.

On Saturday, four of the infected died during treatment. Three of them died in PMCH while one died in AIIMS. PMCH has Poonam Devi of Patna, Meena Devi of Chhapra and Mo. of Gopalganj. While Alam died in AIIMS, Abhay Kumar of Bihta died. 25-year-old Abhay Kumar was admitted to AIIMS in a critical condition on Saturday.

The total number of infected people in Patna has so far been 54782. Of these, 53063 people have become healthy so far. The number of active infectives has increased to 1264. A total of 59 corona-infected were found in the PMCH on Saturday. It has 39 from Patna. Among the infected, Gandhi Maidan, RMS Colony of Kankarbagh, Kumhara, Rajapur Bridge, Postal Park etc. are residents of the locality. Seven new patients were admitted in AIIMS Patna on Saturday while one died. The number of patients admitted to Kovid ward increased to 95.

Tiwari Becher’s new hot spot in Kankarbagh

Tiwari Bechar’s area of ​​Kankarbagh has become a new hot spot of corona infection. 13 people have been found infected in a large apartment adjacent to Tiwari Becher. All of the infected are people from the same family or from the immediate neighborhood of the home. None of them went out nor did anyone come from outside. A health department official said that the entire apartment has been sanitized. Apart from this, a large number of corona infected have also been found in the postal park of Kankarbagh and RMS Colony.


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