Bihar Board 10th Result 2021: This time the results of the students were better than the girls.


This is the first time in the matriculation result of Bihar board, when more than one student has been held on every number in the topper list. This time the students have passed more than the students. In total 12 lakh 93 thousand 54 passed candidates, six lakh 76 thousand 518 students and six lakh 16 thousand 536 girls were included.


Three lakh 60 thousand 655 candidates failed. Four lakh 13 thousand 87 passed in the first category. At the same time, 5 lakh 615 candidates in the second category and three lakh 78 thousand 980 candidates in the third category have got success. Of the 101 students in the top-10, 71 are residents of villages and towns. According to the result, 11 students are included in the top-three of the merit list, out of which seven are girls only. 78.17 percent students have been successful. This is 2.42% less than the previous year. Last year, 80.59 percent children passed.

Pooja Kumari of Simultala Residential School, Shubhadarshini and Sandeep Kumar of Baldev High School Dinara Rohtas jointly occupied the first position. These three students have secured 484 marks (96.80 per cent) out of 500 marks. The maximum number of students have passed the second class. In the second class, 5 lakh 615 candidates have passed. This time 16 lakh 54 thousand 171 students took the exam. Of these, 12 lakh 93 thousand 54 (78.17 per cent) have been successful. On Monday, Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary released the results on Bihar board website and Additional Chief Secretary Sanjay Kumar and Bihar Board President Anand Kishore were present on the occasion. The board president said that the board has released the result within 25 days of the evaluation start.

32 students in 10th place

There was a lot of competition among the students in the top-10 list. First place where three students and girls are involved. At the same time, six students have got the same marks in the second, seven, third and fourth places. At the same time, six students are also included in the fifth position. Apart from this, ten students and students have occupied the sixth position. After this, seven students have occupied the seventh position, 12 students on the eighth, 17 students on the ninth and 32 students in the tenth place.

Results at a glance

Total Candidates: 16,54,171
Total students: 8,29,278
Total Students: 8, 24,893

Pooja Kumari (96.80%) Simultala Residential School
Shubhadarshini (96.80 per cent) Simultala Residential School
Sandeep Kumar (96.80%) Baldev High School Dinara Rohtas

78.17% children succeed, 2.42% less than last year

Total pass: 12, 93, 054
Total Passed Students: 6,76, 518
Total Passed Students: 6,16,536
Total Failure: 3,60,655

First grade: 4, 13, 087
Students in first grade: 2, 47, 496
Students in first class: 1,65, 591

Second Class: 5,00,615
Second Class Students: 2,58,713
Students in second class: 2, 41, 902

Third Category: 3,78,980
Students in third grade: 1,70, 132
Students in third category: 2,08, 848

Compartmental: 372
Students: 177
Schoolgirl: 195


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