Big relief from Deshkorona, so few cases were found after 44 days, more than 2.5 lakh people recovered


There has been a big news of relief in the country amid continuous decline from Corona cases. In the last 24 hours, 1,86,364 new cases of Corona have been registered across the country, the lowest figure in the last 44 days. Even though this number is not very small, it is definitely a relief compared to the previous days. With this, the total number of corona cases in the country has now crossed 2.75 crores. So far, 315,235 people have died due to Corona in the country. In the last 24 hours, the number of new cases has been less than 2 lakhs, while the number of people discharged from hospitals has been more than 2,59,459. However, the number of deaths still remains worrying. In the last one day, 3,660 people have died due to corona in the country.

Number of people recovering continuously for 15 days more than new cases

There has also been a decrease in the total active cases due to the decrease of new cases in the country and the greater number of discharges. There has been a decrease of 76,755 in the total active cases in the last one day. With this, the total number of active corona patients in the country remains at 23,43,152. So far, 2,48,93,410 people have recovered from Corona in India. The number of patients recovering in the country for 15 consecutive days is more than the number of newly found cases. This trend is an indication that the second wave of corona infection is continuously under control.

Corona recovery rate exceeded 90 percent in the country

The recovery rate from Corona has increased to 90.34% in India. In addition, the weekly corona positivity rate is now 10.42%. At the same time, it is close to 9 percent when it comes to daily positivity rate. For the past 4 days, this figure has remained less than 10 percent. So far, 20.57 crore vaccines have been installed in the country. Apart from this, the daily figure of Corona Testing is also close to 20 lakhs every day. It is clear that due to rapid vaccination and testing, it has helped to curb the corona. Apart from this, the restrictions imposed in all the states of the country have also worked to reduce the speed of Corona.



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