Big decision of Modi government, now the death of soldiers in attack during leave will be considered on duty


The Defense Ministry has issued a clarification regarding the attack on soldiers during the holiday. If a soldier on leave is attacked and killed by extremist or anti-social elements, such cases will be treated as death in the line of duty. Compensation will be provided accordingly. This order has been implemented on all the three armies.

In the recently issued order, it has been said that till now the position was not clear on many issues. If a soldier has come to his home on leave or has gone somewhere else. During this, if he is killed in an attack by extremist or anti-social elements, then he will be considered on duty. His kin will be entitled to the same compensation as is given in case of death in the line of duty.

The order states that leave means all those holidays which are granted by the government to the military personnel. In fact, attacks on military personnel have increased in the last few years. Especially when he was on vacation. However, such incidents have happened more in Kashmir. But relief has been provided to the military personnel by issuing an explanation in this matter from the government.

The ministry argued


It has been argued that if a soldier is attacked by extremists or anti-social elements during his leave, it may be because he was attacked because he was an army man. in which he lost his life. Hence he is entitled to this benefit.

No death benefit in personal enmity

However, if any assault occurs and dies due to personal enmity of the soldier while on leave, it will not be treated as death in the line of duty. In such a case, compensation for death in the line of duty will not be available.



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