Big action: NIA arrests Mumbai Police officer Riyaz, Sachin Waje’s help in plotting Antilia case


The NIA has taken major action in the Antilia case and Mansukh Hirem death case. The NIA investigating the Antilia case has arrested Mumbai Police officer Riyaz Kazi on Sunday. The agency said that Mumbai Police officer Riaz had helped Sachin Vazhe in the plot of the Antilia case. Please tell that Sachin Vaje is also in NIA custody.

Like Sachin Vazhe, Riyaz Qazi is also an Assistant Police Inspector. Apart from the Antilia case, Sachin Vaje is also under investigation in the death of Mansukh Hiran. On March 5, Mansukh’s body was found in Mumbai. It is said that the train which was parked near Ambani’s house on February 25, belonged to Mansukh. After this, Sachin Vazhe was arrested on 13 March.

The court has ordered the suspended Mumbai Police officer Sachin Vazhe to be in NIA custody till 23 April. Sachin Vaje is an accused in the case of Mansukh Hiren’s murder and the suspected car found outside Mukesh Ambani’s house. The court had demanded judicial custody of Sachin Vazhe by the National Investigation Agency so that he could be interrogated. This demand of the agency has been accepted by the court. During the court hearing, Sachin Vazhe’s lawyer described his life as a threat. Vazhe’s lawyer said that his life was in danger. Therefore, they should be provided with a safe cell in jail to ensure their safety.


In fact, the game of police officer Sachin Waje, arrested in the case of industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s explosive car and the murder of Mansukh Hiren, was not limited to this. NIA sources say that Vaje was involved in planning another big conspiracy in the name of terrorist organization. Before he could carry out his second plot, he got trapped in his own woven net and is now in NIA captivity.

Sources in the NIA said, “After placing explosives outside Antilia, the home of industrialist Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai, Sachin was busy planning a big conspiracy. NIA source said that efforts were being made to find out whether Pradeep Sharma gave logistics support to Vajhe. He also said that the statement of former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh was recorded as an eyewitness and not as a suspect.



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