Bangladeshi fundamentalists want to become Talibani by going to Afghanistan via India, neighboring country sent alert


The Taliban rule in Afghanistan is creating a new problem for India. It is being told that some Bangladeshi youths are trying to go to Afghanistan via India. The intention of these youths is to join the Taliban. BSF has been alerted on the Indo-Bangladesh border as soon as it is detected. Dhaka Police Commissioner Shafikul Islam told that these youths want to reach Afghanistan by any means. However, there is no information about their number. It is also worth noting that about 20 years ago a large number of Bangladeshi youths have traveled to Afghanistan to join the Taliban.

BSF has become alert

BSF has been alerted as soon as information about this was received from Dhaka Police Commissioner Shafikul Islam. According to the news of India Today, BSF South Bengal Frontier DIG SS Guleria said that our army is on alert mode. However, he said that the youth involved in such activity has not been arrested yet. SS Guleria said that Bangladesh authorities have informed their Indian counterparts about this. It has been told that some groups there are very happy with the Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Troops have been deployed on the border


It is also worth noting that the Taliban itself has made such an appeal to the Bangladeshi youth. In this, he appealed to the youth to join the Taliban. Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s Foreign Ministry has said that it is very cautious and monitoring developments in Afghanistan. At the same time, after raising concerns in this context from Bangladesh, BSF is also fully aware in this direction and has deployed troops on the border.

looking for visa through india

A BSF official said extremist groups in Bangladesh are excited about the rise of the Taliban. However, the Bangladeshi government had left no stone unturned to crush these extremists, he said. But it is also a big truth that all these groups are currently in contact with the Taliban. India Today quoted sources as saying that this young extremist is looking for a way to reach the Taliban via India. The reason for this is that they feel that they will get visa easily through India.


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