Balakot Aviation: 300 terrorists verified, video tampering found


Verification of Alt News shows that these statements were misreported and that the diplomat who made the statement was named ‘Zafar Hilali’ and interfered with the video posted on Twitter. .


Fact-check website Alt News has denied reports of the killing of 300 terrorists by a former diplomat in an Indian Army airstrike in Balakot, Pakistan in 2019. It has been said in the truth-test that this news was made about the video clip, it has spread.

The news agency ANI quoted a number of newspapers and websites, including NDTV. The report quoted former Pakistani diplomat ‘Aga Hilali’ as saying in a debate on a Pakistani channel that on February 26, 2016, 300 terrorists were killed in the Balakot airstrikes. “The statement by a former Pakistani diplomat who has repeatedly sided with the Pakistani military in TV debates contradicts Islamabad’s claim that no one was killed in the airstrikes,” the report said.

The ANI report quoted it as “Aga Hilali”, saying, “India carried out cross-border fighting, killing 300 people.” Our goals were different than theirs. We have targeted his high command. They were our real target, because they were the army. We acknowledged that there was no harm in the surgery, but now we have told them that we will do whatever they want and not let anything else get worse.

However, a fact check by Alt News shows that the statements were misreported and that the diplomat who made the statement was named ‘Zafar Hilali’. In the video posted on YouTube by HM News program ‘Agenda Pakistan’, Hilali said, ‘India, what you did was a law of war. A work of war transcends international borders. In which he had to kill at least 300 people.

Hilali added that “Ittefaqan did not die and India bombed a football field.”

After the news came, Zafar Hilali tweeted a video and said that it was edited by making a cut in his video. Alt News reported that a video posted on Twitter had a sudden cut of ‘0.0-0.09 seconds’ and Hilali’s word ‘hit’ became ‘hit’.


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After fact-checking, this video has been removed from news websites.

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