Bad news for liquor lovers: There may be a shortage of liquor in Delhi from tomorrow, all shops will be closed from tonight


Under the new Excise Policy (Delhi Excise Policy 2021-22), which is going to be implemented from November 17 (Wednesday morning) in the capital Delhi, all liquor retail shops will now be operated in private hands. The Delhi government is formally saying goodbye to this business from Tuesday night with the closure of around 600 government retail liquor shops operating in the capital.

Sources in the Excise Department have feared that there may be a shortage of liquor in Delhi due to the closure of government retail shops of liquor in Delhi as there is no guarantee that all 850 private shops will start functioning from Wednesday.

He said that licenses have been given to the applicants of all 32 zones, but under the new excise policy, around 300-350 shops are likely to function from day one.

So far 200 brands of liquor have registered in Delhi, MRP fixed for 184

Sources said that about 350 shops have been issued provisional licenses. More than 200 brands are registered with 10 wholesale license holders and so far they have purchased nine lakh liters of liquor of different brands. However, officials said that gradually all 850 liquor shops will start operating and then there will be no shortage.


Officials said that this will be the first time that all government liquor shops will be closed in Delhi and this entire business will go into private hands. Under the new excise policy of the Delhi government, all 850 liquor shops, including 260 privately run shops, have been given to private firms through open tender.

Private liquor shops were already closed on 30 September, and all government shops which were functioning in the transition period of one and a half months will also cease their business from Tuesday night. The new license holders will start retailing of liquor in the city from Wednesday (November 17).

According to the new excise policy made public in July this year, new liquor shops will be set up in 32 areas of Delhi, where people will be able to choose the brand of their choice like shopping malls. Under the new arrangement, the government will go out of the retail liquor business, paving the way for the closure of state-run shops and promotion of private players in the capital.

The new excise policy aims to revolutionize the consumer experience with walk-in facility by replacing the existing liquor shops in nooks and corners of the city with liquor shops spread over an area of ​​at least 500 square feet. The new liquor shops will be equipped with air condition and CCTV cameras. This will eliminate the crowding of people on the roads and footpaths as well as stop the sale of liquor through grilled shops.


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