Attention travelers! New guidelines issued for those coming from abroad, exemption for children


The war against Corona virus is still going on. The Narendra Modi government has now issued a new guideline for travelers coming from abroad. According to the new guideline, children under the age of five coming from abroad do not need to be tested for corona virus before or after coming to India. However, if they are found asymptomatic or during home quarantine after coming here, then they will have to undergo testing and then they will have to follow the required protocol.

The news agency PTI has told in its report that the previous guideline has been reviewed again and some changes have been made in view of the dose given of Kovid vaccine across the world. It states that the changing behavior of the virus has to be closely monitored. These important things have been mentioned in the new guideline.

It has been said that the rules made in the new guideline are valid till 12 November. After that it will be reviewed again.

If the passenger has taken both doses of the vaccine and is coming from a country where WHO has approved that vaccine, they will be allowed to leave the airport and do not need to go to home quarantine.


– Passengers who have not taken a dose or vaccine will have to show test samples related to Kovid-19 after coming here. Only then will they be allowed to leave the airport. Apart from this, he will have to go to Quarantine for seven days and take care of his health on his own.

The passengers who are in home quarantine have to monitor their health on their own. If symptoms of Kovid-19 appear or if the test report comes out to be Kovid-19 positive, then they will have to go into isolation immediately. Apart from this, they will have to inform at the nearest health facility center or on the help line number 1075.

After coming to India, they have to maintain their distance and undergo thermal screening.

Passengers who are found to be asymptomatic during screening will have to go into isolation immediately. Apart from this, facilities will have to be taken according to the health facility.


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