At the Gazipur border, the number of farmers in UP and Uttarakhand is now on the rise


A temporary library has been specially set up for children at the Gazipur border, with farmers and their sympathizers helping in a variety of ways.

The number of farmers on the Delhi-UP Gazipur border is increasing. Now thousands of farmers from UP and Uttarakhand have set up camp here. Twelve-year-old Gurkirat Singh from Pilivit district of UP has reached the Gazipur border to pay his Gullak. On the banks of the Indus and Tikari borders, there are now rows of donors at the Gazipur border as well. From children to adults, they provide according to their ability.

Gurkirat Singh said that since we are farmers we have brought money to help the farmers. Although the Supreme Court has appealed to women, the elderly and children to stay away from the protests, a temporary library has been specially set up for children at the Gazipur border. A library has been set up at NH9 where children are given items to make paintings, including books.

Tents and temporary tents were set up from the Gazipur border to Khoda. Their numbers are slowly increasing. Due to winter and increasing weather, people’s feelings towards farmers are increasing. Shaheed of Rudrapur in Uttarakhand is cutting the hair and beard of farmers for free. They say that while we can sit at home for six months in a lockdown, why can’t we shave farmers ’beards for free.

Farmers and those who have sympathy will help in different ways here. In the midst of all this, the recent statement of the Supreme Court has created a new impetus among the peasant leaders. Farmers leader Jagtar Bajwa said that we respect the Supreme Court for understanding the problems of farmers and criticizing the government.



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Now the increased participation of farmers from UP and Uttarakhand on the Gazipur border has stressed the fortunes of the government as till now this peasant movement was identified only as Punjab.

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Fifteen days ago, two to three hundred farmers were seen here with a few tractor trolleys, the number of farmers is increasing with the passing of the day. In such a situation, the government’s procurement strategy does not seem to be effective in the peasant movement.


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