AstraZeneca is not recognized by Covishield; Controversy over Britain’s new Kovid-19 travel rules, allegations of discrimination against India


Britain has made changes to its Kovid-19 traffic rules but has also given rise to a new controversy. There are allegations against Britain that it is discriminatory with India. There is also increasing pressure on the UK government to review the rules set for passengers coming from India. This is because under the new rules Britain will not consider those taking the ‘Covishield’ vaccine to be vaccinated, while those who have received the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine have been recognized.

What are the current travel rules in the UK?

There are currently three separate lists for travel to the UK, red, amber and green. According to the danger, different countries have been kept in different lists. If a country is on the Red List, then the traveler coming from it is required to stay in the hotel quarantine for 10 days after reaching the UK and he also has to undergo a corona test 2 days before the end of this period. Those who have taken both doses of the vaccine also have to follow these rules. Violating the Quarantine Rule will result in a penalty of up to £10,000. Apart from this, if a passenger reaches the UK without a negative RTPCR test, he can be fined 5 thousand pounds.

India is in which list?

Britain has currently placed India in the amber list. This means that passengers going from here will have to undergo a Kovid-19 test three days before the journey. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £500 on the passenger. On the second day of arrival in Britain, it is necessary for the traveler to get the corona test done again. Pre-travel testing is also necessary for people who have taken both doses of the vaccine. The only relief is that if they have taken a vaccine recognized in Britain, then they will not have to be quarantined. Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca’s Kovid vaccine has been approved in the UK. If a traveler from a country included in the Amber List has not taken a recognized vaccine, then he must be quarantined for 10 days at home or where he is going to stay on his arrival in the UK and two days before the end of this period. Will also have to investigate.

What rules are the UK going to change from 4 October?


Britain has announced that from October 4, it will now have only one Red List, that is, all the lists will be merged and only the Red List will remain. Travelers from countries on the Red List will face restrictions on travel to the UK. For countries that will not be in the red list, the rules will depend on the vaccination status of the traveler.

What will happen to the passengers of India?

Vaccines that the UK has recognized include Oxford AstraZeneca, Pfizer Biontech, Moderna or Janssen Vaccines. Apart from these, if a person has taken two different vaccines, then they will also be recognized. However, the Oxford of both these doses. Must have any one from Pfizer, Moderna.

Most of the people in India have got the Kovidshield vaccine. This is the Indian version of Britain’s AstraZeneca vaccine. It is made in India by Serum Institute of India, yet India is kept out of the list. Sanam Arora, president of the National Indian Student and Alumni Union (AISAU) in the UK, said, “Indian students are upset that they feel it is a discriminatory move because they are treated differently than their counterparts in the US and EU. Behavior is being done.’



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