Assam: violence erupts in BJP leader’s car carrying EVM, Priyanka Gandhi demands action


Violence erupted when the EVM machine was carried in the BJP leader’s car after voting in Assam. The voting was on Thursday in Ratnari assembly constituency of Karimganj district and after voting, the polling team was going by car from the Election Commission. Meanwhile, as his car broke down, the team took a lift in a car passing by. The car was associated with the BJP candidate for Patharkandi assembly seat in Karimganj district. At this, the mob attacked the car and vandalized it. According to sources, in this case, police have registered a case against unknown people for assaulting a car carrying EVMs. Phila whole case is being investigated. According to sources, the polling party has managed to save the EVMs during this attack and has not suffered any damage.

However, politics has also intensified on this issue. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has tweeted and demanded the Election Commission to take action on carrying EVMs in a private car. Priyanka Gandhi has targeted the BJP for this by tweeting many. He wrote, ‘Every time during elections, videos come, in which private carriers are seen carrying EVMs. One thing common among them is that those vehicles belong to BJP candidates or their allies. Priyanka Gandhi said that the BJP often uses its media machinery to try to declare only those who question such videos a loser. Priyanka Gandhi said that the truth is that such cases are seen very much, but no action is taken against them.

Priyanka said – now is the time to think about the use of EVMs

With this, Priyanka Gandhi said that now all the national parties across the country should think about the use of EVMs. On Thursday, the second phase of voting was held in 39 seats in Assam. Voters have shown tremendous enthusiasm in the election with a record 77 per cent voting. However, some incidents of violence were also recorded at many places during this period.

A lift was taken on a sudden car breakdown, a dispute broke out

Actually, after voting on the Ratnari assembly seat of Karimganj district, the car broke down when the polling team was carrying EVMs. The polling team was heading to the Strong Room. After the car was damaged, the team demanded another car from the Election Commission. Polling officers were asked to arrange for another car, but by then they had taken a lift from a car belonging to the BJP leader.


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