Assam Assembly Election 2021 Rally: BJP President JP Nadda roared in Assam, said – Congress has neither intent nor policy clear


Addressing a rally in Assam, BJP President JP Nadda said that Gopinath Bordoloi had to wait for the Atal government to get Bharat Ratna in 1999. At the same time, fiercely targeted the Congress.

Assam Assembly Election 2021 Rally: Local party including BJP and Congress are continuously campaigning for Assam Assembly Election. In such a situation, BJP President JP Nadda is also on a tour of Assam, where he is campaigning. A day before this, PM Narendra Modi addressed the election meeting.

According to media reports, BJP President JP Nadda while addressing a rally in Assam said that Gopinath Bordoloi had to wait for the Atal government to get Bharat Ratna in 1999. In 2019, Bhupen Hazarika received a big honor under the Modi government. The government of Atal and Modi expressed respect for the culture of Assam. Congress never paid any attention.


JP Nadda said that to prevent infiltration in Assam, the BJP government started digital surveillance and increased the patrolling of army and paramilitary forces. Gives leases to poor people to own their land. The Modi government is continuously working for the people of Assam. Further stated that

A new story of development has been written by preparing 5 bridges in Assam in 6 years. Congress has neither intent nor clear policy, when there is no intention and policy, then there is no such thing as program name. On the other hand there is BJP, from Modi ji to Sarbananda Sonowal our policy is also clear, intention is also clear and program is also for your development. Many times people give different kinds of temptation in elections. Distinguish between themselves and strangers. Neither is this election an election of issues.

This election is to further the story of the growing development of Assam. Therefore, the choice is to leave Assam in the interest of Assam. I am glad that women power is also present here in large numbers. We also know where the maternal power moves, its victory is ensured. For information, let us know that elections are to be held in Assam in three phases. The first phase for the 126-member Assam assembly will be on March 27, the second phase on April 1 and the third on April 6. The results of the elections will be announced on 2 May.



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