Aryan Khan was talking about buying charas and transactions on WhatsApp chat, investigation is necessary: ​​Anil Singh said in court


Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, was talking about buying charas and money transactions from unknown people on WhatsApp. So it is important to find out who they were talking to because they used code names in this conversation. During the hearing of the case on Monday, Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh said in the court, ‘NCB has confiscated Aryan Khan’s phone. Several suspicious chats have been found in this phone, which point to their connections with the dealers. Therefore it is necessary that all the accused are confronted face to face during their custodial remand.

Anil Singh said that cash transactions have taken place between the accused. The code names were used by the accused while interacting with the dealers. Anil Singh demanded that Aryan Khan be sent to the custody of NCB, saying that the allegations made under the NDPS Act are non-bailable. Regarding this, he also gave the example of Riya Chakraborty case. During the hearing in the court, Anil Singh said that WhatsApp chat shows that there is a nexus between these people. Not only this, international transactions have also taken place between these people. He said that the matter is still under investigation.

While opposing the NCB’s demand to send Aryan in custody, his lawyer Satish Manshinde said that I only know that 6 grams of charas has been found with the merchant. Apart from this, nothing has been recovered from anyone else, who has been made an accused in this case. He said that the agency cannot rely only on WhatsApp chats in this entire matter. Aryan Khan quoted the lawyer and said in the court, ‘I was not in the cruise. NCB had arrested me earlier. I was called there as a guest.


‘Nothing was found in my bag during investigation’

Manshinde said that I did not have boarding card and ticket. I was allotted the best suite in the ship as I was invited as a special guest. Aryan Khan said that I never had any contact with the organisers, dealers and other people present in the cruise. Apart from this, nothing was found from my bag even during the search. Aryan said that the NCB officials came and caught me and took me to the NCB office.



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