Application against ban on keeping beard dismissed, HC said – image of police force should be secular


Giving an important decision, the Lucknow Bench of the Uttar Pradesh High Court dismissed the petition filed against the ban on keeping beard in the Uttar Pradesh Police. In the judgment passed on August 12, the single bench said that the image of the police force should be secular, such an image strengthens national unity. Apart from this, the court also refused to interfere with the suspension order and charge sheet issued against the constable who filed the petition. A single bench of Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan gave this decision while simultaneously hearing two separate petitions of constable Mohammad Farman posted in Ayodhya district.

The petitioner, in a petition, challenged the circular issued by the Director General of Police on October 26, 2020, as well as the suspension order passed against him by the DIG/SSP Ayodhya. In the second petition, he had challenged the charge sheet issued against him in departmental disciplinary proceedings. The court, after hearing the arguments of both the parties, said in the judgment that the circular dated October 26, 2020, is an executive order, issued for discipline in the police force. The plea of ​​the constable was opposed by the advocate of the state government.


The policeman said, freedom is given in the constitution, the beard kept under it

The petitioner had contended that under the right to religious freedom provided in the Constitution, he has kept a beard because of Muslim principles. The petitioner said that he also made a representation for permission to keep a beard, which was rejected. To this the court said that the police force should be disciplined. Being a law enforcement agency, the image should also be secular. On the contrary, Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan raised questions on the petitioner and said that despite the warning of his SHO, not cutting the beard is a misconduct by the petitioner.


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