Appeal to increase the limit of road widening citing China, why did the Supreme Court remember the 1962 war?


In the matter of increasing the width of the road for Chardham, the Supreme Court said that it is necessary to give priority to the security of the country. The apex court, in an indirect reference to incidents of confrontation along the Chinese border in the recent past, said that the concerns related to defense cannot be ignored on environmental grounds.

Don’t want to see Indian soldiers in 1962 conditions: Justice Chandrachud

Justice D.Y. Chandrachud said that we do not want Indian soldiers to be in the situation of 1962, but the needs of both defense and environment should be balanced. The court said that the central government has said that it is building this 900-km-long road for carrying military equipment, equipment and movement to the Chinese border. In such a situation, we cannot do anything, if this road was for tourism, we would have imposed strict environmental restrictions on it.

China continues to build helipad-buildings, it is necessary to build roads: Center

The Center demanded widening of the road saying that China has done tremendous construction on the other side. China, on the other hand, is building helipads, buildings and villages. In such a situation, it is necessary to build a road towards India. Therefore, the width of the road should be increased to 10 meters for safety.


Never asked Army to widen the road: Petitioner

A senior lawyer appearing for the petitioner NGO said that the army never said that we want to widen the roads. Someone high in political power wanted a highway on the Char Dham Yatra. In such a situation the army became a reluctant participant. This year’s extended monsoon has caused massive landslides in the mountains. He said that the mountains of Uttarakhand are the newest and they are not at all suitable for the construction of roads. In 2013 Kedarnath cloudburst, the court took cognizance of it and stayed 24 hydroelectric projects being built on Alaknanda and Bhagirathi.

On this, the court said that the other country is continuously building. Are they not concerned about the environment why the judiciary has not stopped them. The hearing of the case will continue on Wednesday as well.

Can the court ignore defense requirements

The court said that the most inaccessible areas of Ladakh have the largest Buddhist monasteries. The roads leading to them are used by the army as well as civilians. There is no denying that the security of the nation is at stake at such a height. Can the Constitutional Court say that the defense requirements will not be given priority, especially in view of the recent developments. We feel the aspect of melting of glaciers but it is also happening due to large scale development projects. Can we say that the environment will triumph over the country’s strategic needs.


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