Another weapon against Corona, Cadila’s vaccine ZyCov-D may be supplied in the first week of October


The central government said that the supply of Cadila’s vaccine Zycov D is expected to start in the first week of October. The government is in talks with the company to purchase the vaccine. If the vaccine supply starts in the first week of October, it will be possible to use it in the vaccination program by the end of October. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said in a press conference on Thursday that the process has been started for the supply of the vaccine and the company can start its supply in the first week of October.

Asked whether the vaccine would be given to children as well, he said the group on vaccination is yet to recommend it. Its standing committee will first decide to which children the vaccine should be given. Should it be given to all children above the age of 12 years or should it be given first to those who are suffering from any disease.


He said that in August so far on an average 52 lakh vaccines are being administered per day. Last day 80 lakh vaccines were administered. He said that at present there is no complaint of shortage of vaccine from any state in the country. The government issues updates of vaccines left with the states on a daily basis and it has been noted that during the last three weeks, an average of 25 million doses per day remain with the states for use the next day.

He said that 60.39 crore vaccines have been given so far. The number of people who took the first dose is 46.69 crore and the number of those who took the second dose is 13.70 crore. 25.05 crore people above the age of 18 years have received one or two doses of the vaccine.


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