Announcement of closing of Sainik Farms after 132 years, officers will be sent to other departments


A formal announcement has been made to close the Sainik Farm set up to meet the food grains needs of the Army nearly 132 years ago. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the army said that all 130 military farms are being closed and the officers, personnel and workers posted here will be sent to other departments in the Ministry of Defense. This decision has been taken as part of the process of reorganization in the Army. According to the army, military farms were first established in the British period to provide pure cow milk to soldiers in various military cantonments. The first military farm was opened on 01 February 1889 in Allahabad.


Even after independence, according to various agro-climatic conditions, a total of 130 military farms with 30,000 cattle were built all over India. Military farms were also established in Leh and Kargil in the late 1990s to supply fresh and pure milk to the troops. Another major function of this was to take care of large tracts of military land and to produce and supply large quantities of fodder etc. for the cattle handling units.

Supply of milk and grass for a century

The army said in a statement that for over a century, 350 million liters of milk and 25,000 metric tons of hay were supplied annually by the military farms with commitment. The military farm is also credited for pioneering the technology of artificial insemination of cattle in the country and for introducing organized dairies in India.

Important contribution during Pakistan and Kargil war

The supply of milk on the western and eastern fronts during the 1971 war, as well as its operations in the Northern Command during the Kargil War, have been notable. In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, ‘Project Freewall’ was launched, which is credited with being the world’s largest cattle cross-breeding program. Military farms have also worked closely with DRDO in the development of bio-fuels.

Now these forms had become unnecessary

One more thing, when these military farms were formed, the country was not self-sufficient in food production. So these were established to meet the needs of the army. But today there is no shortage of food grains. Therefore, their operation has become necessary for the army. As it is, a large-scale reorganization process is underway in the army. The army said that its services were put to rest after 132 years of spectacular work for the nation. All officers and workers have been re-appointed to the ministry to provide service to the organization.


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