Anil Ambani’s son protests against lockdown, says – society and economy will be broken


Anmol Ambani, son of businessman Anil Ambani, has opposed the lockdown-like restrictions to deal with the Corona crisis. He said that the purpose of lockdown is not to worry about health but to control and it will break the back of society and economy. The former executive director of Reliance Capital Limited tweeted one after the other, saying that situations like semi-lockdown would affect the lives of small businessmen and daily wage laborers. In a tweet, Anmol Ambani wrote, ‘Professional actors can shoot their films. Professional cricketers can play late at night. Professional leaders can also hold rallies. But your business or work is not necessary. While writing #scamdemic, Anmol Ambani said, ‘What does it mean to be necessary? Everyone’s work is important for him.

In another tweet, Anmol Ambani said that these lockdowns have no connection with health. Due to this, daily laborers, self employed, running restaurants, dhabas and clothing shops called the backbone of our society have been devastated. Apart from this, health is also deteriorating due to these gyms being closed. Sports complexes and play grounds are also being banned. Exercise, sunlight and fresh air are necessary for good health. Not only this, Anmol Ambani said that it is also dangerous for that new generation, who is passing himself off between these restrictions and in homes. In such a situation, in the future they will start to feel the same situation.

Anmol Ambani in his tweets also described the lockdown as an inequality enhancer. He said that it is not a coincidence that the common man is being harmed and rich people are benefiting from it. Not only this, Anmol Ambani said that it is a crime against humanity to put a lockdown and ask people to close businesses and stay in homes. Let us tell you that in many states of the country, from Maharashtra to Punjab, decisions have been taken from night curfew to lockdown. Night curfew has also been decided from 10 pm in the capital Delhi.




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