America’s mind still hasn’t changed; super power will not help afghan through taliban


The Taliban have completed two months of returning to power in Afghanistan, but so far the US has not changed its mind. The US is not in favor of providing economic aid to Afghanistan at any cost through the Taliban. The US has said that it is not ready to provide financial aid to it (Afghan) through the people currently in power in Afghanistan.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told CNN News Channel that the US is not ready to provide financial aid to Afghanistan through the people who are currently in power in Afghanistan. He said the US wants to see significant improvements in government inclusivity and other aspects. He said that the US is discussing this issue regularly with the other side.


National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan added, “We are not yet in a position to provide funding directly through the current leadership there in Afghanistan.” The Taliban is not in the position we want. Until we really see a sufficiently better approach to everything from the government, for which we are in constant talks with them. Our focus is to provide funds through international organizations and NGOs.

He stressed that the United States actually considers the best way to help the people of Afghanistan without creating a situation that threatens America’s national security interests. Let us tell you that on August 15, the Taliban captured Kabul and after that the Taliban government was formed. However, many countries, including the US-India, have denied the Taliban’s government as an inclusive government.


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