Ambulance waited for hours after saying 10 minutes, pregnant baby born in tractor-trolley


Once again the health facilities have been exposed in Madhya Pradesh. Here a 28-year-old pregnant woman has given birth to a child in a tractor-trolley. The case is of Devgaon, 10 km from Ajaygarh tehsil.

In Madhya Pradesh, the government has started an ambulance service for pregnant women named Janani Express. But how much needy women are getting its benefit, its hallmark was seen in Devgaon of Ajgarh tehsil. According to information received from PTI, saying ‘I will come in 10 minutes’, the ambulance driver made me wait for hours but still did not come, when there was no possibility of the ambulance coming, the woman was taken to the hospital in a tractor-trolley.

The pregnant woman’s relative Santram Patel told that our village is about 10 kilometers away from the tehsil. The pregnant woman had to be taken to the hospital for delivery. For this, at around one o’clock in the afternoon, called for ambulance on 108 number four times. We were told we would come in 10 minutes. But even after waiting for two hours, the ambulance did not arrive. After this we had to take the woman to the hospital under compulsion by tractor-trolley. But the woman gave birth to a child in the middle of the way.


According to the information received, both the mother and the child are safe. However, Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) RK Pandey said that he was unaware of the incident, but promised that action would be taken and an inquiry would be conducted after collecting more information.



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