Amarinder Singh’s fear started haunting Congress in Punjab? Gehlot said – Captain Saheb will not harm the party


Under pressure from the MLAs of Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu faction, the Congress party may have got Captain Amarinder Singh to resign from the post of Chief Minister, but all the big leaders of the party have an idea of ​​his political power. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also knows this very well. The Rajasthan CM tweeted, “I hope Captain Amarinder Singh ji will not take any step to harm the Congress party. He is a respected leader of the party and I hope he works keeping the interests of the party ahead. Will stay.”

Ashok Gehlot has made a total of four tweets one after the other. He has said, ‘I hope that Captain Amarinder Singh ji will not take any such step which will harm the Congress party. Captain Sahib himself said that the party had kept him as Chief Minister for nine and a half years. He has served the people of Punjab by working to the best of his ability.

Gehlot further says, “The high command has to take decisions in the interest of the party many times on the basis of the feedback received from the MLAs and the general public. I also personally believe that the Congress President chooses the Chief Minister only after taking out the displeasure of many leaders who are in the race to become the Chief Minister. But while changing the Chief Minister, they get angry and start justifying the decision of the high command. In such moments you should listen to your conscience. I believe that in which direction the country is going due to fascist forces, it should be a matter of concern for all of us countrymen.

CM Gehlot said, ‘At such a time, the responsibility of all of us Congressmen increases in the interest of the country. We have to rise above ourselves and think in the interest of the party and the country. Captain Saheb is a respected leader of the party and I hope that he will continue to work by keeping the interests of the party ahead.

Feeling humiliated: Capt.

When Captain Amarinder Singh came out of the Raj Bhavan after resigning on Saturday, he told reporters, “My decision was taken in the morning.” I spoke to the Congress President and told him that I am resigning. According to Singh, this is happening for the third time. Called the MLAs first, called for the second time and are meeting for the third time. I feel humiliated. If I have any doubts, then I have decided to leave the chief minister’s post.

Captain said – will take a decision after discussion with colleagues

He said that the Congress high command can make him the chief minister who has faith in him. When asked what would be his future strategy, Amarinder Singh said, “I will take a decision on this after talking to the people who supported me in my 52 years of politics.” On the question whether he will decide on the new Chief Minister, he said that he will take any decision only after discussing with his colleagues. He insisted that as far as my future politics is concerned, there is always an option, I will look into that option when the time comes. I will take a decision after talking to my colleagues.


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