Agriculture-based law: The Agriculture Minister said with a strong mind about the stalemate, ‘Farmers’ organizations have not followed the main principle of negotiations because …’


Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goel and State Minister for Commerce and Industry Som Prakash had a meeting with representatives of the organization at the 11th meeting at Vigyan Bhaban on Friday.

Kisan Andolan: Discussions are going on between the government and the farmers’ organizations about the agricultural law, but there has been no sensation in finding a solution. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goel and State Minister for Commerce and Industry Som Prakash held a meeting with representatives of farmers’ organizations at the 11th meeting (talk between government and farmers) at Vigyan Bhawan in the capital on Friday. Agriculture Minister Tomar (Narendra Singh Tomar) said, ‘At the last meeting, the government proposed a concrete one to the farmers’ organizations, asking the government to suspend the implementation of the reform law from one to one and one to one. At this time in half a year, farmers and government representatives can consider various issues and reach a solution, on the basis of which the organizations considered their internal meeting on 21 January and asked to express their views during the meeting with the government on 22 January. .

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According to the agriculture minister, at today’s meeting, the government called on farmers’ organizations to be aware of their decision. “We have made the best offer to the farmers’ organizations for a solution to end the movement,” he said. For almost two months, the government has been in continuous discussions with the representatives of the farmers’ organizations in the wider interest of the farmers. The country. At this time many good proposals were made to the farming organizations and sensitivity was shown towards the farmers. The government said that the farmers were ready to think sensitively on all the issues raised with an open mind. Narendra Singh Tomar said that if the proposals were made by the government, it did not mean that there was any flaw in the agrarian reform law, but the proposals were made to show respect to the movement and the farmers and to show sensitivity towards them. The four-party meeting was asked to consider the government’s proposal, but the organizations were adamant about repealing the law. It has also been suggested that if alternative companies other than Repil offer, the government is willing to consider it with a free mind.

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He said that in the tenth round of talks, the government could consider suspending the law for one to one and a half years and proposed to form a committee to consider all aspects of the law. An affidavit in this regard may also be filed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court on the basis of consent. Throughout this period, the main principle of the negotiations did not follow the agitating peasant organizations because every time a new episode of the movement was announced by them, and the announcement of a new movement during the negotiations influenced the discussion. You said, ‘I think the limitations were followed during the talks, but the farmer lacked this attitude in paving the way for dialogue. So the discussion could not reach any conclusion. I’m sorry about that. According to the release, in the last session of the meeting today, the Minister expressed his deepest condolences to all the agitating farmers’ organizations and called for reconsideration. If they (farmers) give their consent, they should say, we have been proposed that we can move forward with this agreement tomorrow. The government thanked the leaders of all the agitating farmers’ organizations for their peaceful protest. The Agriculture Minister gratefully announced the conclusion of the talks.



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