After TMC victory, Prashant Kishore said again – Modi is popular, explains the reason for BJP’s defeat

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Prashant Kishore, the architect and strategist of the Trinamool Congress’s landslide victory in West Bengal, has announced to quit his job despite the Bharatiya Janata Party staying away from 100 seats. Even after Mamata Banerjee’s victory, Prashant Kishore has said that PM Narendra Modi is popular and because of this BJP has got 37-38 per cent votes in West Bengal. He said that due to a one-sided fight here, BJP could not win even after getting so many votes. 45 percent of the votes are needed to win in Bengal. Prashant Kishore has also explained why BJP has suffered defeat in front of TMC.

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In an interview with Aaj Tak channel Aaj Tak when he was asked what were the reasons for BJP’s defeat? Prashant Kishore said, “Someone’s victory and defeat come from a mixture of many reasons. The BJP tried to win the assembly elections by advancing the campaign model of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But he did not pay attention to the changes (in Sarkar and TMC) between 2019 and 2021. Because of which he was harmed. ”

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Analyzing the reason for TMC’s victory, Prashant Kishore said, “TMC has carefully looked at the strength, weakness, campaigning, working style of BJP in the last one year and strategized accordingly, hence TMC has won.” Prashant Kishore also said that the TMC did not take the BJP seriously in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, so there was some setback.

‘Modi ji popular is why so many votes’

Prashant Kishore, who listened to PM Modi’s popularity in a leaked audio recently, reiterated this. He said, “Modi ji is very popular and hence got 37-38 per cent votes. The big factor in this is the popularity of Modi ji. What is the harm in saying this. Being popular or being very resourceful, being very powerful does not mean that you will win. Which is your competition, if it is more popular and managing its things better then you can lose it. You have got 37 percent of the vote, it means you are popular, your organization, your strength, but if someone has got 48 percent of the vote, then he will win. In politics, 100 is called itself and the front is called 0, this is not my way. ”


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