After the second wave of Corona, the movement of people increased, understand the situation from Google Mobility Report


After the impact of the second wave of Corona subsided in many states in the country, the movement of people has started increasing in public and work places instead of being confined close to homes. Along with this, now people have also started using public transport on a large scale. In many states of the country, they are being used more than the national average. This trend is based on an assessment released on October 10 by the Google Mobility Report.

According to the report, the movement is still highest near grocery and medicine shops. People are not going to parks, places of food and entertainment much. According to the national average stated in the report, the movement of people to food and drink and entertainment places is 6 percent less than the baseline i.e. during January 3 to February 6, 2020. However, it has also seen an increase in many states.

While this figure is less in UP 1, 16 in Delhi, 4 in Haryana and 9 per cent in Jharkhand, it is 14 in Bihar and 13 per cent more in Uttarakhand. Talking about grocery and pharmacy, the movement here is 38 percent more across the country. 55 in UP, 20 in Delhi, 59 in Bihar, 35 in Haryana, 50 in Uttarakhand and 49 percent in Jharkhand. Apart from this, it has seen an increase in parks in all the states except Haryana.

Bus-railway station: Highest traffic in Uttarakhand

Along with using public transport, the trend of bus stand and railway station movement is 11% at the national level. At the same time, 19 in UP, 3 in Delhi, 32 in Bihar, 5 in Haryana, 56 in Uttarakhand and 23% increase from baseline in Jharkhand.

Workplace: Growth in Bihar higher than the national average

Talking about the movement around the places of work, in Bihar, it has seen an increase even more than the national average. The movement of people across the country has increased by 8 percent compared to the baseline. At the same time, it has fallen by 2 percent in Delhi and one percent in Jharkhand. In UP, it has seen an increase of 6 percent from the baseline, 10 in Bihar, 7 in Haryana and 4 percent in Uttarakhand.

Around the house: 9 percent increase in Jharkhand


Talking about the movement around the house, there has been an average increase of 6 percent in the whole country. At the same time, 8 percent increase has been seen in UP, 3 in Delhi, 8 in Bihar, 4 in Haryana, 7 in Uttarakhand and 9 percent in Jharkhand. At the same time, there is a decrease in the use of public transport in other states including Kerala, where the impact of Corona is still high.

Statistics Country UP Delhi Bihar Haryana Uttarakhand Jharkhand

Recreational places -6% -1% -16% +14% -4% +13% -9%

Grocery, Pharmacy +38% +55% +20% +59% +35% +50% +49%
Park +5% +19% -28% +23%-15% +33% +8%

Public Transport +11% +19% +3% +32% +5% +56% +23%
Work Locations +8% +6% -2% +10% +7% +4% -1%

House, House +6% +8% +3% +8% +4% +7% +9%



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