After terrorists, now Naxalites are also using drones, Maharashtra expressed concern


In recent days, it has been revealed that terrorists are using drones to conduct surveillance or attack near the India-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir. Now news is also coming that Naxalites are also using drones and after this news came out, Maharashtra has expressed concern about the internal security of the country. According to the reports, the Naxalites are using small drones to keep a watch on the police post built near Chhattisgarh. It is being told that in the last 4-5 months, there have been 7-8 incidents of drones being used by Naxalites.

Gadchiroli DIG, Sandeep Patil has said that in the last 4-5 months we have seen 7-8 such incidents. Taking this matter seriously, we are making every effort to take entry-drone measures. Let us tell you that on June 7, a suspicious drone was seen in Dornapal, Sukma. After which there was a stir among the security forces. After this, security agencies in Naxalite areas have alerted all the security forces to keep an eye on suspicious drones.


Naxalites are trying to target the security forces in many areas including Sukma-Bastar. It is said that the Naxalites use these drones to conduct recce of the areas and to find out the position of the security forces in these areas. Some time ago the news of Naxalites buying payload drones in Gadchiroli and South Bastar also came to the fore. Security agencies are currently on alert after reports of drones being used by Naxalites and they are trying to thwart the conspiracy of ‘Red Terror’.

Let us tell you that this year the Jammu Air Force Station was attacked twice by drones on the intervening night of 26-27 June. There was a stir after this attack. One worker was injured in the attack. It was later revealed that GPS drones were used in this attack. However, since this incident, suspicious drones have been sighted several times near the Indian borders in Jammu and Kashmir. The security forces are very active here since the use of drones by terrorists was exposed.


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