After Kabul, now the eyes of the terrorists are on India, this trio is trying to attack in North India including Delhi.


Following the Kabul airport bombings, a threat intelligence alert has been issued across North India including Delhi from the trio of AQIS, ISKP and Haqqani network. It said that there is a need to be vigilant from the notorious terrorist organization Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), Al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) and Haqqani Network. The trio of these Afghanistan-Pakistan based organizations are trying to carry out any major incident in the country. For this, the Pakistani Intelligence Unit (ISI) is conspiring with them.

In fact, in view of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and its increasing proximity with various terrorist organizations of the ISI, all the intelligence units of the country are keeping a close watch on this side. Intelligence units have come to know that ISI is hatching a nefarious conspiracy through terrorist organizations. His motive is to carry out the crime in the country through the fighters of these organizations. The fighters of this trio are targeting important security installations and forward posts of the army. Apart from this, terrorists can also target soldiers. This intelligence alert has been sent to all other security agencies including the agencies related to the border security of the country.

Contacting via messaging app

Security agencies have come to know that this trio of terrorist organizations are in touch with their members through messaging apps. Its purpose is to avoid coming in the eyes of the security agencies.

who is using which app

1. AQIS: Network Signal, Telegram and Slack Messaging

2. ISKP: Messaging apps like Threema, Whoop and Rocket Chat


3. Haqqani network: Telegram, satellite network used in addition to signal

Know all about them

AQIS, ie Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent. This organization operates differently from the core al-Qaeda. It was established near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. This organization recruits youth in the organization through local network with the help of sleeper cells in different countries. Some of its terrorists have also been sent to Syria. According to the intelligence report, this organization has full support of ISI.


The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) is a variant of the Islamic State (IS). According to intelligence units, most of the Pakistanis are involved in this organization. The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) is also known as ISIS-K. It is estimated to have 1500 to 2200 terrorist fighters. It was also established near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Haqqani Network

The Haqqani network has skilled fighters carrying out major attacks. These fighters are technically adept and capable of making explosive devices and rockets. The organization has good relations with al-Qaeda. The UN Security Council report about this organization said that it plays a large role in association with regional and foreign extremist organizations with terrorist organizations operating in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border areas.


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